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What is bundling?

The term bundling is used for holding products together by means of a rubber band or a Strepper®. The machines that do this are referred to as Elastic Binders or Elastobinders.

There are various reasons for bundling with a rubber band. The most important reason is the ability to hold together loose products to turn them into one unit. Bundling is mainly used for flowers that are gathered into a bunch by means of a rubber band.

Not only for flowers

Other examples are bundles of spring onions or carrots to form one item. Bundling by means of a rubber band is also used to hold several products together, so they can be picked up in one go, think of a stack of medicine boxes or loose brake pads. Several packages can be easily picked up in one go.

Another advantage of bundling with a rubber band is that the product will not be damaged by the rubber band. Finally, it is possible to attach items together by means of a rubber band. You can also attach a label to a product.

Click for a number of examples of what you can do with bundling.

How does an elastic cord binder work?

There are two methods for bundling with a rubber band: using an Elastic Binder and a rubber band or using an Elastobinder and a Strepper®.

When using an Elastic Binder, one rubber cord is automatically placed around the product. The rubber cord is on a large roll (1000 or 3000 m), on use a small piece is automatically cut and closed with a knot.Here you can see a video of how an Elastic Binder works.

Click here for more information about Elastic Binders.

How does an Elastobinder work?

In the case of an Elastobinder, things go a little differently. On a separate roll, the so-called Streppers® are fed into the machine. The machine takes one rubber band from the roll and tensions the Strepper®, after which the product is placed in the opened rubber band. This can be done manually or automatically.

Then, the Elastobinder slowly releases the Strepper® and the product will have been secured with a tightly tensioned Strepper®. The Strepper is very soft and is even suitable for highly vulnerable products such as asparagus or soft medical tubes.

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What is the best solution?

What type of rubber band or Strepper you should use depends on several factors, such as the weight of the product, the required tension, type of product (hard, soft, foodstuff) and the type of machine that you use or need.

This is a decision that you can make yourself, in consultation with our experienced specialists. The product is fully produced in-house, making it easy to perform a practical test. In this way you can eliminate every risk and get exactly what you expect.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our product specialists are looking forward to helping you!

Elastic binders

For large and small, long, round and damp products: we have the right binder for all kinds of products. By using tested techniques that behave stably under extreme conditions, the machine is fast and highly reliable.

Most of our binders have numerous options and can be tailor made to suit your requirements

Click here for a complete overview of our elastic binders.


The Elastobinder is a bundling machine that was specially developed for bundling light products with a rubber band called the “Strepper”. The Elastobinder can bundle both horizontally and vertically.

The infeed and outfeed of products takes place by hand or by means of a conveyor belt or turntable. The Elastobinder is THE revolution when it comes to bundling with rubber bands.

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Consumables – Elastic cord

The special elastic cord used by Cyklop to bundle products together is called Cylastic. Different types of product can be bundled with this elastic cord. The dimensions of the product do not matter. Cylastic elastic cords meets safety standards and are suitable for fully automatic operation. The elastic cord is available in different colours and thicknesses.

Click here for an overview of our elastic cords.

Consumables – Strepper®

The Cyklop Strepper® is used in combination with the Elastobinder. The Strepper is produced by Cyklop. Because the rubber bands are attached to one another on an industrial roll, these can also be used mechanically. The combination with the Elastobinder ensures that many handling costs can be avoided. Other benefits of the Strepper in comparison to rubber bands are as follows:

  • The Strepper has a closed shape, which means that welding or knotting the ends is not necessary.
  • Does not distort the product and leaves no marks.
  • Flexible. Flexible. Where multiple products are bundled with a Strepper, you can remove one item while keeping the remainder secure.
  • Flexible. Multi deployable. With one size of Strepper, it is possible to bundle both small and large products.

Click here for an overview of Streppers®.

Elastic cord or a Strepper®?

When is it better to use a Strepper instead of an elastic cord?

  • In cases where soft or vulnerable products must be bundled, people generally decide to use a Strepper. When using a rubber band, it is possible that the products are slightly incised, due to the minimal contact surface. This is not the case with a Strepper.
  • It is better to use a Strepper when the bundled product must look visually appealing. This is because products bundled with a rubber band have a knot.
  • As Strepper does not absorb water, is is ideal to use for wet or smooth products.

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