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Sustainable wrapping

Use less plastic film

In order to safely transport pallets with goods, it is necessary that they are wrapped with wrapping film, which means that plastic is used. However, the volume of the wrapping film can be reduced by pre-stretching (up to 450%) or by wrapping with thinner film. If you wrap with pre-stretch, the film is ‘stretched’, so that less film needs to be used. This keeps the necessary use of wrapping film low.

By investing in a pallet wrapper, even more film can be saved. The pallet wrapper wraps tightly and with pre-stretching, which means that less film is used than when wrapping by hand. In the video on the left you can see how that works.

Working ergonomically

Pallets can be wrapped manually, using a film dispenser and hand wrapping film. This is doable with a small number of pallets to be packed per day. If the numbers become larger, it is smart to purchase a pallet wrapper. By wrapping with a pallet wrapper, less physical labor is delivered, which is better for the employee. When wrapping by hand, the operator often has to bend down to wrap the bottom of the pallet, and work above his power to wrap the top of the pallet. These inconveniences are removed by wrapping with a pallet wrapper.

Time savings

Wrapping with a pallet wrapper offers even more advantages in terms of film saving and ergonomics. Pallets are generally wrapped faster than hand wrapping, and the operator can perform another (small) activity while the pallet is being wrapped. If you want to go one step further, a robot wrapper may be the ideal solution for you. This wrapper can be used flexibly because it can be driven to the desired location. This saves even more time because the pallets no longer have to be brought to the wrapper.

Cost saving

Many people are not aware that there are various ways to save on costs in the wrapping process. As explained above, this can be done by using pre-stretched wrapping film, working more ergonomically (less absenteeism due to illness) and the time savings resulting from wrapping with a machine. In addition to these three ways, the productivity gain also results in cost savings. You can simply wrap more pallets with a simple machine than by hand. With a fully automatic pallet wrapper it is even possible to wrap 150 pallets per hour.

Damage prevention

Damage during transport is a known fact. Damaged products incur high costs as they must be repaired or replaced and reshipped. Studies show that 10-12% of all loads are not properly secured and stabilized, which can lead to damaged goods. As a rule, with manual wrapping, pallets are wrapped poorly nine times out of ten. The reason for this is that the operator stabilizes the low and high part of the pallet not good enough, because this is the heaviest part to stabalize. The overlap of the film is also often insufficient. Extra overlap means walking around the pallet more often, which is taxing.

By creating stable and safe loads with pallet wrapping, supplemented with other measures such as strapping, it is possible to reduce costs due to damaged products by up to 50%.

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