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Bundling in different industries

Cyklop elastic binders are used in different industries, below you can find some real life examples.

Of course, there are many more industries in which Cyklop elastic binders are used. Do you have a question about this, or are you not sure that the elastic binder can be used in your industry? Please ask one of our product specialists!

Flower industry

Elastics binders are mainly used in the flower industry. The flowers are fed through the machine and bound together as a bunch by means of a rubber band. The products can be placed on the table top manually, but the Elastic Binders can also be placed in a fully automatic flower line.

Click here for an overiew of ourbundling machines.

Cords & cables

In addition to the flower industry, the Cyklop Elastic Binder is also used in the cable industry. The cables are rolled up and placed on the table top. Then, a rubber band is placed around them with a knot, making sure the cables stay together. But you can also hold together cable harnesses and wound cables.

An elastic binder that is highly suitable for the cable industry is the AXRO IN-2. This machine was specially developed for round products with an inner diameter starting from 35 mm.

Here you can see a video of the AXRO IN-2.

Fish processing industry

Our Elastic Binders are also used in the fish processing industry. Mussels, lobsters, crabs and other shellfish can be bundled with an elastic called a Strepper. An example of an elastic binder that is extremely suitable for this industry is the AXRO FQC2 M. This elastic binder is entirely made of stainless steel. After using the elastic binder, it can easily be completely cleaned without the machine rusting.

Click here for a video of the AXRO FQC2.


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