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Industry - Logistics

Despatching combined pallets

In logistics, pallets are often mixed or combined. Boxes of varying dimensions are collected on a pallet ready for despatch. The mixed pallet must naturally be stabilised and secured. The wrapping of the load with stretch film provides the perfect solution.

We supply various machines that do this quickly and cost-effectively. Did you know that a pallet wrapper with a high pre-stretch can pay for itself very quickly?

Ergonomic working

To protect products during storage and transport, pallets wrapped in stretch film are often used. This pallet wrapping is often done manually however. The employee attaches the film to the pallet by tying it and then walks/wraps the film around the pallet. This not only takes a long time, it is also strenuous for the employee: dizziness and a bad back are complaints that are often made.

For larger numbers of pallets (>10) the use of a pallet wrapper is recommended. Employees do not have to bend down and walk around the pallet, which is a lot less strenuous. They are then available for other tasks, while the machine is wrapping the pallet.

Mobile & Flexible working

It is not always desirable (or possible) to wrap a pallet in one fixed location. For example, there might be several points to which the pallet is delivered internally or the pallet flow does not permit this. Maybe total number of pallets is too low for the use of several pallet wrappers. It can also be the case that the dimensions of the load are such that a pallet wrapper cannot be used.

A robot wrapper is a potential solution! A robot wrapper is a wrapper that drives around the load independently and wraps film around the load. The great benefit of a robot wrapper is its flexibility. The machine is (electrically) mobile, making it possible to wrap pallets at different locations easily and quickly.

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