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Not satisfied with your product? Or is it faulty? We are sad to hear that. Read below to find out under what conditions you can return products and what you must do.

To deal with your returns application as quickly as possible, we kindly request that you complete the form as fully as possible.



The following rules apply to returns:

  1. Goods that have been in your possession for longer than 6 months are not returnable
  2. Goods must be returned in original, undamaged and unused packaging
  3. Goods containing lead are non-returnable
  4. Goods specifically produced for the customer are non-returnable
  5. The shipment must be properly packed. Cyklop UK Ltd. is not liable for damage arising during transportation
  6. A copy of this form must be attached to the return shipment

Return shipments without a returns form and/or which do not comply with the above-mentioned conditions will not be processed.

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