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Sustainable coding

Reduction of plastic

Best before dates, product information or barcodes are usually printed on stickers that are then stuck on the packaging. The data on the labels is important for the (end) customer, making it indispensable. There is, however, a way to use less plastic (stickers): printing the information directly on the box or packaging. Our industrial inkjet printers print information clearly, quickly and without the use of a label. By replacing the pre-printed labels with printing directly on the packaging, you not only save on plastic consumption, it also offers you a lot of flexibility. Do you still want to use labels and save plastic? That too is possible! In addition to printing directly on packaging, our printers are also suitable for printing on small labels. All necessary information can be printed on the small label, without sacrificing quality. This way you make a (small) contribution to the reduction of plastic.

Flexible printing

Our coding systems are easy to operate, making it easy to switch between the information to be printed. Labels and stickers no longer have to be printed in advance, so that no residual product remains, and the packaging process is a lot more flexible. The inkjet printers can be operated by means of a Bluetooth connection. You can change your message in seconds. In our service videos you can see how to do this on a CM 100.

Saving of ink

Our continuous inkjet printers are adjusted in such a way that the ink and thinner are perfectly mixed, so that the correct ink thickness and print is achieved. When the ink is applied to the product, the excess ink is collected and returned to circulation. This way you get the most out of the ink and thinner, and no ink is wasted.

Low maintenance costs

In addition to high-quality prints, our latest coding systems also offer high reliability. The maintenance or repair costs have been reduced to virtually zero and you are assured of the lowest costs. Because the systems require little maintenance, production does not have to be interrupted and your process continues to run. If maintenance is required, you can easily do it yourself with the help of our service videos. We also show how the most common malfunctions can be easily solved. This saves you valuable time and money.
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