Robot wrapper with pre-stretch system

The pallet wrapper CSM 250 is a flexible mobile film wrapper with a pre-stretching system. The wrapper can be moved to any desired location by means of a handle with operating buttons. Due to its flexible nature, the wrapper can handle any package in size. The wrapper is suitable for heavy objects and loads with large dimensions.

The CSM 250 is equipped with a digital control panel that allows the user to change various settings and set custom wrapping cycle programs in an easy and functional way. The CSM 250 pre-stretches the film (up to 250%) through a motorized pre-stretch system. On one battery charge the machine can wrap up to 120 pallets and after 10 minutes of inactivity the machine switches off automatically. This makes the CSM 250 low in energy consumption.

The CSM 250 has a built-in pre-stretch system, whereby a pre-stretch percentage of 240% can be achieved with the right wrapping film.

  • Cost-saving due to pre-stretching on wrapping film
  • The mobile wrapper offers the possibility to wrap in several areas
  • Wrap large, heavy packages with ease

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Technical specifications:
Maximum palletheight 2100 mm
Minimum pallet dimensions 400 x 500 mm
Maximum pallet dimensions 6.000 x 7.000 mm
Minimum palletweight 20 - 55 kg (depending on wrapping film)
Power supply 100 - 240 V
Rotation speed 50 - 80 m/min
Maximum noise 72,0 dB(A)
Environment temperature 5 – 40°C
Film roll Width 500 mm
Outer diameter 250 mm
Core diameter 76 mm
Wrapping film Weight 17 kg
Up to 23 micron
Pre-stretch Up to 250%