New Strepper® machine


Cyklop keeps on renewing!

The production department has had a new Strepper® machine for some time. The Strepper® is produced internally at Cyklop, from beginning to end. The Strepper® is an elastic band that is used to bundle products such as asparagus. In the last part of the production, the elastic roll goes through the machine to punch out the Streppers®.

With the new, modern machine, the supply of elastic is more stable with the result that there is less failure due to machine or supply errors. This ensures less unnecessary waste.

An additional advantage is that the Streppers® are produced in a more environmentally friendly way because the machine switches off when there is no activity, which did not happen before. This reduces energy consumption.

Production employee John about the new machine: “This machine is a lot more robust, more stable and easier to work with. There is less machine failure, which makes our production run smoothly. A big improvement!”

The old machine is completely overhauled and improved by Cyklop engineers. In this way the production of the Strepper® can always continue to run and even be scaled up to higher production!

New stretch wrapper: CSM 50