Customer case Früchtehof Schindler


Früchtehof Schindler has about three months to harvest, package, label and transport asparagus to supermarkets. All these steps take a lot of time, because each step is a separate operation. Früchtehof Schindler therefore came to Cyklop with the question: how can we make packaging and labeling of the asparagus quick, easy and flexible? In addition, the company also wanted to package in a more environmentally friendly way.

After extensive conversations and site visits, a solution was found: the Elastobinder with a label printer. The printer prints the data on a label that is attached to the Strepper® by the Elastobinder, after which the Strepper® is wrapped around the asparagus. This way, the print data can easily be changed, two operations are done in one, and plastic bags are no longer used.

There are even more advantages to working with the Elastobinder with label printer. Go to the full customer case to discover the benefits!

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