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Saving with PET strap

Cheaper alternative: PET strap!

In some industries, steel strap is still the most commonly used strap. But there is an alternative: PET strap!

The most important reasons for this are that it is a lot less expensive and a lot easier to work with, but the lower environmental impact is also an important argument to change from steel straps to PET straps.

Moreover, the hazard when the strap breaks or is cut loose is also significantly lower. Steel straps could cause major injuries when a person is hit by a flying strap.

Saving on packaging costs

The change to PET strap could lead to a considerable saving of no less than 50%. This is because polyester straps are a lot less expensive to buy than steel straps. In addition, it is easier to apply them, as well as being safer and faster. As there are also more metres of strap on a roll, the roll also needs to be replaced less frequently.

  • 50% less expensive than steel
  • Lower waste processing costs
  • Easier and faster application
  • Safer during removal


Polyester straps are safer to work with than steel straps. Firstly, the roll is lighter, making it less strenuous to replace a roll (50 kg versus 22 kg). Secondly, PET straps do not have any sharp edges, steel straps do. This is not only safer for the operators (cuts) but is also less damaging to forklift truck tires for example. This is also a benefit during removal and disposal of the strap. In case of a shock impact on the product, when the truck drives over a speed bump for instance, steel straps are more prone to breaking than PET straps. The impact is absorbed in the PET strap due to the elastic capacity.

  • Light, less strenuous on the operator
  • No sharp edge
  • Also safer during removal
  • Due to the shock absorbing capacity, the strap is less prone to breaking during transport

Unique Performance

PET strap has excellent stretch and stretch recovery properties, making sure that the strap remains tight when the load shifts and can also shrink, such as after cooling.

Polyester straps are resistant to weather influences and UV radiation, and contrary to steel that rusts when wet, PET straps do not leave stains when they get wet.

  • Similar performances as steel
  • Stretch recovery
  • UV resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Rust resistant

PET and the environment

The total impact on the environment of polyester straps is much lower than that of steel straps. During the production process, polyester is extruded from granulate. The production of steel strap on the contrary is a forging process that requires large amounts of energy.

Changing to PET straps leads to great energy savings for environmentally aware companies. Polyester straps are also highly recyclable.

  • Less energy in production process
  • Easier to recycle

Start saving today!

Changing from steel strapping to PET strapping has several important advantages:

  • Savings on your packaging costs
  • Safer for your employees
  • Better for the environment

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for switching to PET strap!


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