The turntable stretch wrapper CST 935 can be easily integrated into an existing or new line. This fully automatic film wrapper is maintenance-friendly and uses a high pre-stretch percentage. This ensures that the total costs in your production line will decrease.

The CST 935 can wrap up to 35 pallets per hour and can handle loads up to 2000 kg. A corner applicator can be added to the machine for extra strenght of the pallet load.

  • Pre-stretch up to 450%!
  • Capacity up to 2000 kg
  • Can wrap up to 35 pallets per hour
  • Many options, including an anti-foil system

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Technical specifications:
Rotation speed (RPM) 11
Productivity (p/u) 35
Standard capacity 1200 kg
Min. pallet size (mm) 800x600
Max. pallet size (mm) 1200x1200
Min. - Max. pallet height (mm) 500 - 2100
Line speed (m/min) 12-15-18
Power supply +/- 10% 400V, 50Hz, 3PH + N + PE
Total power 3 kW
Air consumption 6 Bar - ~50 Nl/cycle