The CST 150 is a turntable stretch wrapper. The machine is ergonomically very suitable as a substitute for manual wrapping, which is often heavy and strenuous.

The CST 150 has a Ø1650 mm turntable and is equipped with a photocell that automatically detects the height of the load. A motorised system a pre-stretch up to 250%. Therefore reducing the amount of film used per wrapped pallet and this allows you to save on costs and contribute to a sustainable production line.

The user friendly control panel allows you to store up to 32 wrapping programs to apply different wrapping methods quickly. The machine makes use of 6 working methods: up and down, wrapping with top-sheet, only up, only down, in layers and by stacking. The stretch wrapper can be used semi-manual, semi-automatic and with a fixed height.

The CST 150 can wrap all types of pallets with its many features.


  • Many features
  • User-friendly and ergonomic control panel
  • 32 wrapping programs
  • Film saving due to high pre-stretch


  • Bigger turntable 1800 mm
  • Ramp (for pallet jack of forklift)
  • Maximum load of 2000 kg
  • Maximum wrapping height of 3000 mm
  • Top-press
  • Photocell for dark loads
  • Anti-static system
  • Other options on request

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Technical specifications:
Turntable Ø1650 mm
Maximum wrapping height 2500 mm
Wrapping speed 3 tot 12 rpm
Maximum load 1200 kg
Maximum pallet size 800 x 1200 mm
Height turntable 75 mm
Stretch wrapper Power pre-stretch system
Pre-stretch manually adjustable
Equipped with a photocell for height detection
Film 500 mm width, core 76 mm
Power supply 230 V, 1PH + N + PE, 0,75 KW