Robust and reliable horizontal stretch hooding

The CRO stretch tubing machine applies tubular stretch films from 30-150 micron to most loads. Film is drawn from a reel, stretched and applied to the product as it passes through the machine. When the film is released it recovers naturally, tightening around the pack providing stability, protection against dust and water (6 sides waterproof), a printed logo if required.

  • Very compatible for very large or long products; up to 6M L x 1M H x 1.2M wide. Custom sizes available.
  • No heat required, stretch tube machines are eco-friendly vs shrink machines using gas or electricity!
  • The weight of film used is usually less than with shrink machines, less use of plastic packaging!
  • Forget untidy spiral wrapping that falls off during transporting!
  • Low maintenance, high reliability!
  • Up to three films in automatic.
  • Range of models and options available.

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