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The updated strapping machine Ampag Boxer II is a machine for automatic strapping of products (cardboard boxes, wooden beams, etc.) with PP strap. The Ampag Boxer II offers the same quality, speed and reliability as its predecessor and has a number of improvements. The Ampag Boxer II is distinguished by reliability, easy operation and low maintenance.

  • For PP strap:  5 – 9 – 12 – 16 mm
  • Up to 55 straps / min
  • Brushless DC motors: energy efficient, quiet and low maintenance
  • Foot control, always two hands free to hold the product
  • Adjustable table height
  • Easy and simple strap insertion.
  • Quick to heat (30 sec.)
  • High reliability / stability
  • Automatic re-feed function in the event of an ejection fault
  • Simple and easy operation

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Technical specifications:
Strapping capacity 55 cycles per minute
Strapping material PP: 5, 6, 9, 12, 15,5 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1253 x (1403-1508) x 609 mm
Package size (WxH) Min. 80 x 30 mm
Max. 620 x 480 mm*
* Larger arch size available
Package weight Max. 40 Kg
Coil size Core diameter 200 mm
Outer diamter 450 mm
Widht 200 mm
Strap tension Up to 450 N
Sealing Heat seal
Heating time 25 secondens
Weight app. 138 kg

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