Semi Automatic Box Erector: CT 300

The CT 300 is a semi automatic box erector that is very suitable for both setting up and filling boxes, helping the operator work faster and more ergonomically. The operator folds the box squarely, placing the box lengthwise on the machine. The bottom front and back flaps are automatically folded inwards, after which the longitudinal flaps on the bottom side are folded.

The CT 300 is suitable for integration into a packaging line and can set up thousands of boxes per day.

Are you looking to automate your packaging line with a box erector? With years of experience and expertise in the packaging industry, we are happy to give you advice!


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Technical specifications:
Box length (min-max) 140 - 650 mm
Box width (min-max) 100 - 510 mm
Box height (min-max) 100 - 510 mm
Box thickness (min-max) 3 mm - 8 mm
Air consumption 6 bar, - 2.1 / 6,0 nl/cycle
Magazine capacity 20 boxes
Working height 655 - 750 mm
Performance 300 - 400 per hour, operator dependent
Working temperature +5ºC to +35ºC
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 970 x 834 x 805
Weight (kg) 102