Cost savings through the application of jumbo rolls

The KA 4 Jumbo facilitates the management of extra-large rolls (jumbo rolls) of PET and PP strap. The benefit of a jumbo roll is the longer working time provided before needing to change over to a new roll. This saves on both costs and time (your packing process is less prone to interruption). The big advantage of the dispenser is the ease with which a roll can be changed. The pallet with the stack of rolls can be placed on the turntable with a forklift truck and as soon as the top roll is empty it can be removed, and the next roll is ready for use. The operator does not have to lift the heavy rolls.

  • Cost savings through the application of jumbo rolls
  • Strapping machine is in continuous operation
  • Simple and safe handling
  • For PP and PET strap
  • max. 1,500 kg (max. 7 jumbo rolls)

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