Our best selling Elastic binder

The AXRO FQC2 is the latest development in modern binding technology. This machine is fitted with the AXRO clamping and knotting technology which has more than proven its reliability over the years. The AXRO FQC2 is fitted with an updated “feed-in” mechanism whereby products are still bound properly even in the event of premature bind timing. This unit is also equipped with a knot-release system which controls the release of the knot. This results in minimal pulling to the product and prevents it from incurring any damage. The binder is suitable for manually bundling products such as flowers, tubing and cables, and many other products.

  • For elastic cord Cylastic PE, Cylastic PCs 1300, Cylastic 3K
  • Can be integrated into automatic machine lines
  • Extremely easy operation
  • Robust, capable of continuous operation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Up to 100 cycles / minute
  • Resistant to dirt

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