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Customer case 'Efficiency'

The challenge

One of our customers is a supplier of mainly chrysanthemums. They grow their own flowers and plants and despatches them to the wholesale trade, auction or directly to major customers.

Flowers and plants are often despatched using auction carts that are long, narrow and high, with shelving that can be adjusted in height. To make the product ready for despatch, it would be placed in low cardboard cartons that then go in the carts. The carts are then manually wrapped in film wrap. A laborious, time-consuming and expensive process. The objective was to make the job easier for the employees, shorten throughput time and save on costs.

The solution

It was decided to install a semi-automatic MPac-HE strapping machine. From now on the carts are no longer wrapped in film but strapped with PP tape. The MPac-HE is specially designed to apply horizontal strapping to pallets and high carts. By strapping at the correct height, 1 strap per layer, the flowers or plants are prevented from falling out of the cart.

The result

The first major benefit was the easy operation for employees. Instead of having to bring a heavy roll round a cart, they now simply apply a strap.

Another benefit of this method of securing is that more products can be despatched per cart. This has produced a cost saving in excess of £11.200 in transportation costs. This has resulted in considerable savings on material costs.

All in all, this investment has provided a total saving of £4 per delivered cart.

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We have been working in the packaging industry for more than 100 years. From designing to the production in our own factories and from the smallest device to the largest automatic machine. We work for large and small customers working in every possible industry. We have really seen it all.

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