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Cyklop keeps on renewing!

The production department has had a new Strepper® machine for some time. The Strepper® is produced internally at Cyklop, from beginning to end. The Strepper® is an elastic band that is used to bundle products such as asparagus. In the last part of the production, the elastic roll goes through the machine to punch out the Streppers®.

With the new, modern machine, the supply of elastic is more stable with the result that there is less failure due to machine or supply errors. This ensures less unnecessary waste.

An additional advantage is that the Streppers® are produced in a more environmentally friendly way because the machine switches off when there is no activity, which did not happen before. This reduces energy consumption.

Production employee John about the new machine: “This machine is a lot more robust, more stable and easier to work with. There is less machine failure, which makes our production run smoothly. A big improvement!”

The old machine is completely overhauled and improved by Cyklop engineers. In this way the production of the Strepper® can always continue to run and even be scaled up to higher production!

We make manual wrapping a lot easier with our semi-automatic, mobile pallet wrapper. The CSM 50 can be used to stably wrap large, heavy and different pallets. By using this machine, employees no longer have to walk around a pallet and it is physically less demanding . You also save costs by working with pre-stretched film.

Would you like more information about the CSM 50 or would you like to request a quote? Contact us now!

Pas Reform employees spent a lot of time wrapping pallets manually. This process is time-consuming and physically demanding. Therefore, the challenge is to develop a method in which the process is faster and the physical burden is removed.

Cyklop had the solution: by deploying a CSM robot wrapper, employees have to perform less heavy work, the wrapping process runs more smoothly and it saves costs. In addition, the machine can be used in different locations because the wrapper is mobile.

Read the full Pas Reform customer case here.

Are you interested in working with a robot wrapper? On this page you will find more information, but you can also contact us directly without any obligation.

New website for Cyklop

After months of preparation, the time has come: our new website is live! With a fresh design and a clear layout. Our new website will tell you about all our products, vacancies and you can subscribe to our newsletter. You can also always follow us via our LinkedIn and Youtube account.

Greame Kelly, managing director: ‘With this new website we try to advise our visitors about our products and services in a greatly improved format. With the ultimate goal of helping to answer their questions as quickly and simply as possible.’

Ready for the future!

“With this new website we are ready for the future.” Says Caroline Major, Digital Marketing and Sales Advisor at Cyklop. ‘We have created the structure and content of the site based on intensive discussions with various customers in order to ensure a good website experience.’

We are curious about what you think of our new website. Let us know!

Easy to use

Our battery driven hand-strapping tools have been updated. Each and every one of them is easier to operate, can do more strappings on a battery charge and they can achieve a higher strapping tension compared to the old models.

CLT 130 is for light applications. The CMT 260 is the all-rounder for universal use and the CHT 450 is the powerhouse for heavy work with a tension up to 4500 N.

Click here for more information about these new strapping tools.

Do you have questions about strapping? Or would you like to try one of the tools? Then please contact us.

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